Market Entry


DaHui has extensive experience developing and executing market-entry strategies for foreign investors in China. We position our clients not only for successful deployment across various sectors of the Chinese economy, but also for strategic onshore growth and survival in the local market in the long run.

We thoroughly assess our international clients’ business objectives and plans in China, and work with them every step of the way until their goals are realized. We advise our clients, large and small, on issues ranging from major investment projects to day-to-day operations. We are keenly aware of the challenges and risks involved in investing in China’s emerging markets, and pride ourselves in our ability to help our clients navigate the local business environment to achieve their goals. Frequently, our clients engage us from the outset of an investment, where we assist in identifying and vetting potential onshore business partners, choosing locations and conducting any necessary due diligence, prior to entry in China. Following our initial entry work, we remain in close contact with our clients and stay constantly abreast of trends and developments in the local market, always ensuring that our clients are getting the most out of their China business.

Given China’s unique regulatory framework across various sectors of its economy, it is not unusual for newcomers to feel lost or confused, or not sure of where to begin, especially considering the considerable market rumors and competing voices that routinely flood the business/regulatory landscape in China. By relying on our firm’s unique and embedded approach to China’s regulatory environment (particularly in some of China’s most heavily regulated sectors and industries), our firm cuts through the noise and empowers our clients to make informed and strategically structured decisions on how to best participate in the China market, helping to facilitate the growth and likelihood of success of their China operations, long into the future.

Our services in this area include:

  • Market-entry services, including advising on structuring China entrances, feasibility studies and due diligence to minimize risks to investments
  • Advice on regulatory solutions, including interfacing with government agencies, obtaining regulatory approvals and developing strategies to overcome regulatory hurdles
  • Short-term and long-term strategizing to structure businesses around desired timeframes and investment goals, whether our client aims to build a company that rests on a solid foundation that will last for generations, or one with a clear and quick exit strategy
  • Assistance with establishment of PRC entities, including wholly foreign-owned enterprises, joint ventures and other cross-border structuring options
  • Advice on both ordinary and extraordinary business matters within China, including transactional, regulatory, intellectual property, employment, tax and general corporate issues
  • Advice on restructurings, including complex regulatory, tax and human-resource issues
  • Ongoing advice and long-term market/regulatory monitoring in order to identify new opportunities and risks that arise in connection with our clients’ China businesses

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