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China is not only the second largest – and still skyrocketing – domestic aviation market in the world, it is positioning to become a prime global aviation and aerospace player in the decades to come. While businesses, both home-grown and foreign, may enjoy opportunities of unprecedent scale in each and every sector, they need to navigate layers of “Chinese ways” and local complexities.

DaHui is a destination firm for a variety of businesses in this industry. Behemoths bringing new products or services to market have sought our advice on permits and other approvals, forging and managing local partnerships and maintaining regulatory compliance all within China’s ever-shifting legal restrictions and requirements in this politically sensitive industry space. We equally represent businesses and investors in financing ventures involving anything from infrastructure to MRO and spanning civil aviation to satellite technology. Our antitrust and IP teams help ensure minimal interference in, and obtaining maximum value from, strategic business deals, while our dispute resolution teams are renowned for their delicate yet decisive handling of not only legal but also PR/GR crises and disputes in product liability, procurement arrangements, investments, etc.

Although the traditional aerospace industry has recently been transforming all around the world, with increased privatization and commercialization alongside futuristic technological innovations, China’s course is unique in numerous ways. On the one hand embracing mass commercialization beyond any other country, on the other hand the industry remains closely tied to government interests. The national thrust, especially as embodied in the latest Five-Year Plans, in turn creates growth opportunities like nowhere else but at the same time calls for measured, refined, long-term plans and activities. Views should be not only long but also wide and multifaceted, encompassing not only aircraft manufacturing and related products and services but also such sectors as airport design, SeMSs, GSE, etc., alternative fuel sources and materials and even aviation schools.

DaHui’s tight, agile yet interconnected teams tackle any and all issues arising in this industry space. We can boast successful representations of marquee MNCs and next-generation companies in entering the market (including handling local partnership, M&A and merger control and regulatory matters), in issues arising out of major aircraft accidents, in financing of space technology and in a variety of other matters for launching, expanding and protecting their businesses in China.

Relevant Experience


Represented Boeing in responding to product liability lawsuits in China from families of the accident of flight MH 370 as well as the localization of an array of aviation-related digital services.


Represented lead-investor CICC in the USD 43.6 million series B financing of OneSpace, a China-based rocket company developing small satellite launch vehicles.


Advised Cirium (f.k.a. Flight Global), a world-leading data and aviation analytics solution provider, on struturing, licensing and contracts, as well as on regulatory requirements concerning storage, maintenance, trade and publishing of sensitive data, for its expansion in the China market.

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