Job Description

We are looking for junior or experienced paralegals to join our teams in Beijing and Shanghai.

Paralegals play a central role in DaHui Lawyers and the legal services we provide. Junior paralegals receive formal training and mentoring from more senior paralegals and lawyers in addition to the on-the-job training from working directly on projects and client matters. Typical tasks include:

  • Researching for and preparing deal documents, legal submissions, etc.
  • Evaluating and managing resource allocation, budgets, fee and billing arrangements, etc.
  • Assisting with due diligence and other types of review and organization
  • Developing internal processes and tools to meet colleagues’ and clients’ support needs
  • Participating in internal and external meetings and communications with clients
  • Preparing for deal closings, witness interviews, hearings and other major matters
  • Serving as proactive points of contact for the above and driving workstreams
  • A variety of other tasks to support lawyers and administrative staff

DaHui Lawyers’ paralegal program provides a solid foundation and springboard for law school or a further career in law, government, nonprofit, financial services and other fields, but also encourages paralegals to stay and grow with the firm, to assume higher responsibilities and ownership of the firm’s overall achievements and to make their careers here. We offer a competitive remuneration and benefits package.

Success in applying for and working in a paralegal position at DaHui Lawyers calls for high levels of intellect and intellectual curiosity, team-orientation and self-motivation, organizational and detail-oriented analytical skills and above all dedication to serving clients at the highest international standards. Paralegals are often asked to work extended hours, go the extra mile along with our lawyers, and make active contributions to the firm by, inter alia:

  • Understanding the priorities of large, complex organizations and the solutions they seek
  • Comprehending myriad detailed data and integrating them into much larger strategic contexts
  • Anticipating issues and exercising sound independent judgment to resolve and/or escalate them
  • Navigating cross-cultural, multi-professional, high-pressure environments while handling arrays of tasks under tight deadlines and collaborating with diverse stakeholders

Outstanding oral and written communication are essential and proficiency in multiple languages is valued, but fluency in English is the only language requirement. To apply, please send your resume to We review applications on a rolling basis and will contact you within two weeks if you are accepted to proceed to the next stage, (video) interviews.

As our paralegals attest, “working at DaHui is an opportunity and challenge like no other” and “the professional training, experience in real-world legal matters and friends gained at DaHui will serve me for the rest of my life”.

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