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China’s healthcare & life sciences sectors have been rapidly growing in recent years, as Chinese companies establish themselves as global leaders in their fields. For years, Chinese biotechnology giants have been significant players for international in-licensing deals. More recently, the quality of domestic research and development has been made apparent from the substantial increase in large out-licensing transactions from Chinese companies to global pharmaceutical players, as well as the increase of joint ventures between Chinese and international companies. The rapid innovations in the Chinese market have led to an influx of capital, both domestic and foreign, with Chinese biotechnology companies raising over USD 8 billion through IPOs in 2020 alone.

This rapid growth is accompanied by continual drastic changes in the China market. Both central and local governments take an active role in promoting the development of the Chinese healthcare system and biotechnology research, and new, key regulations are frequently issued. Market players need to stay abreast of the latest developments and be responsive to administrative concerns.

DaHui has a keen appreciation of the unique aspects of this market. We combine deep industry knowledge, a practical understanding of our clients' business needs, and a thorough knowledge of the background policy and regulatory considerations to deliver practical and incisive advice to our clients in the industry.

DaHui advises on all aspects of the Chinese healthcare and life sciences industry, including investment, antitrust, regulatory compliance, intellectual property (licensing, registration and disputes) and litigation/arbitration matters. We have clients in many industry sectors and at all stages of the supply chain, including specialty and generic pharmaceuticals, CROs, healthcare service providers, medical devices and biotechnology.

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