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DaHui Lawyers is a dynamic law firm for a dynamic legal environment.

We are a PRC law firm committed to practicing law at the highest international standards. We are seasoned and trusted advisors to global companies in China, and we are on the cutting edge of advising PRC companies as they reach out around the world in search of new business opportunities. As our clients are encountering unprecedented business challenges in their global expansion, we provide them with experienced legal counsel to meet those challenges head on. We are the next generation of PRC law firms, and we are committed to excellence for our clients.

Two heads are better than one. At DaHui Lawyers we rely on the collective experience and dedication of our team, facilitated through openness and frank, effective communication to provide world-class legal services to our clients.

Business results are at the core of what we do. As a corporate law firm, we place the ultimate business goal at the forefront of our analysis of legal issues. We listen to our clients to understand what they need and then we use innovative legal techniques to deliver optimal solutions.

Integrity is never an issue at DaHui Lawyers. We maintain the highest ethical standards, and we are committed to confirming our reputation in the international legal community. We know that our long-term client relationships are built on mutual respect and loyalty, which grow out of unimpeachable commitment to integrity. Our clients rely on our integrity so we view it as our most important asset.